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11+ Preparation

11+ Preparation

The 11+ entrance exam to local grammar schools now takes place at the start of September. This means that the children are taking the exam right at the start of year 6. You will now get the results of the examination before you make your school choices.

Children are welcome to begin 11+ tuition in any year group - although for younger children we will begin by enhancing their general educational ability rather than starting with 11+ techniques straight away.

In year 5 we will start to look at specific areas of the 11+ including verbal reasoning and non verbal reasoning. This gives time to ensure your child is confident in all areas of the examination.

We will look at lots of different question types that appear in the 11+. Children will be frequently assessed through past papers which will indicate areas that we need to focus on. We will then address these areas one to one, do group activities if appropriate and give time for independent working.

Homework will be given in each session and discussed at the start of the next session. We highly recommend encouraging your child to read frequently and checking their understanding of the text. They will need to develop a wide ranging vocabulary for the test  - the earlier you can start working in this the better!

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